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The Art of Video: An Online Promotional Phenomenom

Video marketing is very much ‘on trend’. It is similar to blogging, but you get to see what something looks like and have a face to identify it with, hence making it a more powerful medium of exposure. Video can be a great option to showcase your gallery and artwork in an effective and interactive way. There are a fair amount of options when it comes to promoting exhibitions, many of which are low-cost, or completely free, and video falls in to this category. The purpose of this article is to show you how to get to grips with video marketing and the benefits it can bring.

To provide you with some background information, video marketing has been around for a while, but it is only until recently that people have really started taking notice of this powerful platform and using it to their advantage. With the substantial increase in online marketing and social media, people are starting to realise the benefits of online marketing methods.

Web video marketing is used to enhance a brand’s social media practice by combining online video with social networking. I came across a blog about social video by the Web Video Marketing Council. They suggest that video can spread naturally amongst the members of a social network and between networks and ‘go viral’. If video content is easily sharable amongst members of a network it can spread awareness quickly and bring in an array of benefits, including, new audiences, increased awareness and sales. The Creative Penn has also come up with a range of reasons why you should to adopt video. These include, to list a few, the increase in video searching and the opportunity to be found; the idea of a human connection through video and building a relationship of trust; video as a form of affiliate marketing (in that it can drive traffic to your main website); and also that video is still a relatively unpractised form, so there is an opportunity to be at the forefront of this relatively new marketing method.

In my research I found that artists, art galleries and creative professionals are using video in a variety of ways to present themselves to the public. The video can showcase the artist’s work, an opening event at the gallery, or a clip from the studio. Methods of video art include:

• Slideshows- photos, a voice-over or music, and a video-editing programme • Interviews- speaking about your passion • Behind-the-scenes- information viewers can not get elsewhere • How-to videos- step-by-step information on how to do something • Reviews- testimonials to highlight your credibility

I came across some great examples of video art to share with you. They range from videos by unknown artists to big names and galleries, and I found them on different video websites. The Saatchi gallery use video to promote their events, mainly on YouTube. If you are considering where to upload your video, YouTube is an excellent choice. It is estimated that their website attracts one billion people per day. Their traffic is around 10 billion per month. It is therefore, very likely to draw awareness to your artwork and drive traffic to your main website. Saatchi videoed the opening of their new gallery in 2008. The video is a slide-show, taking a look around the gallery, showing people having a drink and enjoying themselves and it also includes celebrities and art world stars attending the art event. It has had a whopping 5,364 views.

There are plenty of interview-type videos on YouTube, such as, an interview with Andy Warhol talking about the truth of art and interviews with Damien Hirst on his project ‘A Thousand Years’.

Interview videos are unique as they really give you a sense of what the artist is about, rather than just seeing what is written about them. YouTube also has videos of unknown artists who are looking to breakthrough. I found a video of a London-based Islamic artist who has attracted global attention and has had over 1,300 views. Now this is nowhere near the number of hits as the Saatchi videos, but it is still very impressive for an up-and-coming artist whose popularity has since soared.

Google videos is another website for uploading a video, with not nearly as much hype as its rival YouTube, but is a part of one of the biggest brands in the world. There is some exhibition information on here but not as much as what YouTube offers. If you do a simple search on Google Videoes for artists and exhibitions you will find big names like Damien Hirst and clips from exhibitions from the Gagosian and Saatchi. Live video on the other hand is much better for uploading your footage. There is greater arts coverage on this website in general.

I saw a video of an art exhibition in Berlin, which, similarly to the Saatchi exhibition mentioned earlier, showed the gallery and the artwork itself, and guests enjoying themselves. I also found videos selling artwork, and step-by-step/how-to videos. Both of these types of video attract viewers as they have something to offer them (in the form of real examples).

Aol Video is another option, although like Google video, its arts coverage is not so extensive as it is on YouTube. I came across an experimental video where an art gallery was looking to promote an artists work, and it was put across as a very new thing to do. Aol Video definitely has more music coverage and art videos are scarce. It could be worthwhile promoting your work here, considering there is not much on there at the moment.

This list of video sites I have presented here is not endless; they are just some examples of the best ones that I have found for art galleries who are new to video art. Having been over the benefits video can bring and examples of how video is used, I am now going to provide you with some advice on how to set up your own video. Once you have joined a website video service most of them allow you to upload your content for free. You do not even have to have your own video recording camera, all you need is internet connection to record audio narration and make a slideshow. You will need video editing software if you are making a slide-show based video, in order to put the scenes together. Remember you can make as many videos as you like until you have created the best one.

From my research on the web, I have learnt that:

* A good video only has to be a few minutes long. * Taking a tour of the art studio is a great way for the public to learn more about the artist and where they work. * It is important to create an artist’s statement where you can put forward your philosophy. * Share your video with people who blog about art, simply by sending them a link. The more places people can find your art, the more people can find
your website. * Offer your viewers something, such as free
entrance/tickets to wean them in. * Include a track-back so people can find you and
include your URL. • Embed a link to your video in your press release.

It is clear that video compliments other forms of online marketing and social media, and brings many benefits. Give online video marketing a go today and see how it can raise the profile of your art gallery and your artists. If you are not entirely confident about seeing yourself on the screen, use video to make a series of podcasts instead. For those of you who are not familiar with podcasting, it involves making an audio file that you can download and listen to and there is lots of information about it on the web.

I hope you have found this article helpful. For any queries regarding video art creation please get in touch and we will see if we can help.


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